James Lucas

James Lucas is a high school teacher, husband, and father of two, living in Sydney. He finished a PhD in American Literature at Cambridge in 1997. A decade ago he published poems in various journals. More recent work has appeared in Contrappasso, Cordite Poetry Review, Southerly.

Karma Bin

Our fifth for dinner sits out in the dirt, holds its voracious mouth up to receive within the keeping of its dalek skirt our skin and core and stone and rind and leaf and laughter and the pip: all table …

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At Western Plains

When siamang gibbons sing to hold their ground an air-tight pouch vibrates beneath each chin. Upright primates gather, marvel at the sound and over-acted gestures. Rounded mouths shape reverb like a didge’s barking din. When siamang gibbons sing to hold …

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Square Peg

I spent my twenties writing stories, trying to wait tables. I waited tables like Rabelais and Orwell wrote of shagging— unconvincingly. I’d not aspired to waiting tables. I waited tables like Pollock juggling scotch bottle and dentist drill— catastrophically. I’d …

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The Garden

ii With threaded beads of rain the spiderwebs raise arch on vaulted arch of eyebrow studs (say ‘garland fairy lights’ to please the mob), the micro-metallurgist at each hub extruding a St Andrew’s cross long-limbed awaiting prey vibration of its …

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i. m. John Forbes While peaking lungs slap shut as thin air wallets & kitchen floors resound to confessions & to noisy fucks you’re out, reconnoitering the package deal fringes of paradise where dented aspirations come to light at carboot …

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1 Three UK years & a day long haul to hear it strange: the Heathrow tongue stretched flat at Kingsford-Smith dessicated as Mascot lawns look; fruit coughed up in DECLARE IT FOR AUSTRALIA quarantine stalls recompressing feet lop-sided on an …

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