Coffee at the Palace of the Great Hoon

By | 1 May 2014

hoon |huːn| Austral./NZ informal; noun: a lout or hooligan, especially a young man who drives
recklessly. the whole family was wiped out because some drunken hoon had to drive his car. ORIGIN
1930s: of unknown origin.

His beard tangled around his shanks as he descended
the rain-wet stairs, and from the garden a macaw called
In a red tongue. There were two of me, I was beside myself
As I helped untangle the Great Hoon’s beard.
‘Shall I speak?’ spake the Great Hoon. ‘Oh, I’m all ears,’
I replied. Spittle everywhere. Jewels here and there
Scattered on the gleaming stone, opals rained
On the glowing marble, and I thought I heard
Between the Parrot’s paragraphs of speech, a distant sea
Murmuring on a granulated strand, and thought I saw
Among the glittering foliage, in the mirror of myself,
The Gaudy Hoon made immeasurably strange.

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