By | 1 June 2013


dawn chorus at six


light fading to grey-blue


&/or coffee

pending credit card details & Rent-A-Wreck, the key to

a silver Hyundai Accent sedan, license plate 4PJA659, this time,

& a half tank of gas

a trip over the Painted Hills (calling for more regular) to Roughley Manor (no you

make it up 165 miles due

east of LA on I-60 East

Twentynine Palms

Dick Dale its most famous resident, Wikipedia sez

‘Misirlou’ (with the Del Tones) 1963

& the biggest U.S. military base in the World training for desert operations

‘I-RACK’ Operation Desert Storm

the ‘Third World Man’ ‘he’s been mobilized since dawn’

his lawn sprinkler reveille at zero five thirty

US Marine Corps cheek by jowl with ‘leezur’

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