Venice Beach

By | 1 June 2013


First: drive down to Marina del Rey

turn right, a blue surfer shark will greet you, tell his story for a nickel

my nickel, I pick out

New Collected Poems (with CD of the poet reading) by George Oppen

& Garry Thomas Morse, After Jack at Small World Books

Béatrice selects a memoir & an Anne Tyler novel,

& from the Vietnamese hat stall, a fine, new sun bonnet for Flick

the endless posé of Harley’s, the odd

Kawa, & clichéd pick ups – Ford Toyota GMC

heading east



Horizon Ave.

it sez

Lunch: ordered off of the menu at Mao’s Kitchen –

‘Chinese country cooking with Red Memories,’ ‘Lunch Combination for the Masses’

“Mao loved to say, “Wei renmin fuwu!” – “Serve the people!”‘

Mao is vegan friendly, it sez.

Home: to Airlane Avenue after a detour to Ralph’s for trash bags

a bourbon & and run through Guy’s machine code poems

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