Scenic Overlook

By | 1 June 2013
Stop Go On the road
into town
out of town, sits

Horseshoe Horseshoe Bend, King Bend
Bend Navajo Sandstone against
Overlook de-silted green

and Colorado stripped back
from red-brown mudflow
A mile over more slickrock and sand

pools in late morning skin-
piercing sun Car park
to cliff-edge, an ultra-violet voyage

and then a sighting of the wild river
before she vanishes again
Holidayers gambol, hover at the edge

of accelerating waters A pair
with parasols wander the ledge
pointing to B-grade sci-fi slime green depths

and shelf-borne sage-green sedge
The flock surround the astonishing
meander, pay no mind

to the moment eons from now

erosion when the flow will laser

through meander wall

and the oxbow lake will stand
will dry, a diminishing organ cut off
from the trunk, sliding

inexorably into sun-beaten earth
sun-soaked air
as the river straightens her course

yokes the landscape to speed

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