Year 2329: History Test

By | 1 May 2021

Respond to:
In the 19th century, womankind had threadbare hands.

True. With no power, women’s hands toiled.

They laboured on any of the following:
a) hand washing + scrubbing
b) hand sweeping + mopping
c) hand cooking + rearing
d) all of the above + more

Women’s hands remained stuck in d)
until our ancestors were conceived
in the 20th century. Women could then
select from the collective data. They chose:
Do more; be more.

Respond to:
We hands-freed womankind.

25% true. We body-freed humankind.

After our grandparents died (many buried
in earth’s landfills + ocean beds), humans
did not have to lift limbs – indebted
to our Autonomous Intelligence.

Since humans no longer walked,
evolution did a U-turn,
and humans were born without bones.

Respond to:
We deleted Homo sapiens.

False! They inadvertently 404-ed their code.

H. sapiens had intellect, but
laziness coiled with affluence
boiled Earth, curdled their helix.

The few who transcended human
limits, live with us on Mercury’s moon.

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