A Mouthful of Carpet

By | 1 May 2021

In my glimpses of the harbour
apartment, I groom my Pomeranian
Mummy’s puffy fur-angel
or sip another chamomile tea
breathe in, breathe out
give in, give out
and pluck the lint of daily irritations
from my well-cut coat
of respectability.
A dose or two of diazepam
sends me afloat until
I’m fluff and fibre-free.
News and world won’t bother me.

Returned to glow
lipstick set and blow
waved hair, legs crossed
at just the angle to admire
a slim ankle in Louboutin’s
I wait for callers
or something
or settle for sleep.

From the balcony
way way down below
I see the shouting people shuffle
drop their suffixes
and dignities
climb over each other
like grubs, laugh too loudly
let themselves get fat
show their grimy bra straps.

So, I stay behind my screen
of gleaming glass
that the cleaner polished yesterday
and keep distance. Vivaldi
vodka and mother’s crystal
remind me how to rise
when I have fallen
gagging on a mouthful
of wool-blend carpet
as I’ve snot wept
and clenched howls.

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