Kate Maxwell

Kate Maxwell is yet another teacher with writing aspirations. She’s been published and awarded in Australian and International literary magazines such as fourW, Hecate, Linq, Swyntax,Verandah, Social Alternatives, The New England Review, The Chopping Blog, and Blood and Bourbon. Kate’s interests include film, wine and sleeping. Her first poetry anthology, to be published with Interactive Publications, Brisbane is forthcoming in 2021.


Stretched your tubular tendrils out from square of earth, you call home it’s nutrient lode of love shading boughs, entwining clutch of too close ivy and become airborne. Thrill of cool air, glow of variegated leaves, before unseen now floating …

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A Mouthful of Carpet

In my glimpses of the harbour apartment, I groom my Pomeranian Mummy’s puffy fur-angel or sip another chamomile tea breathe in, breathe out give in, give out and pluck the lint of daily irritations from my well-cut coat of respectability. …

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