1 February 2012

How long since he’d sliced and salted a tomato?
There was almost nothing he touched:
silverware and bed covers, expensive notebooks
sometimes the floury crust of a gourmet burger
the younger skin of a grandchild or subordinate.

Somewhere, another old man walks through
an overgrown paddock on a morning
without frost. Waist-high in feed and weeds
the tips of his fingers touch grass and thistle
the destruction he has fostered all his life.

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Ali Jane Smith

About Ali Jane Smith

Ali Jane Smith is the author of a chapbook, Gala, published long, long ago by the Five Islands Press New Poets Program. Her poems have been published in literary journals, including Southerly, Overland, Rabbit, Plumwood Mountain and Cordite. In 2018 her poem ‘Have You Any Dirty Washing, Mother Dear?' was shortlisted for the David Harold Tribe Poetry Prize and in 2016 she was one of three writers selected for the inaugural Sydney Review of Books Emerging Critics program. In 2015 her poem ‘Another Literary Life’ was selected as Poem of the Year by Australian Poetry Journal. She was commissioned by Wollongong Art Gallery to write a series of poems on colour that were installed as part of the Chromophilia exhibition in 2018. Lately, she has been busy reading her work She’ll Be Right, Servo Food Truck Bar in Port Kembla, The Sydney Poetry Lounge in Glebe, That Poetry Thing on a Monday Night at Smith’s Alternative in Canberra and Puckey’s Night Markets, Fairy Meadow.


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