By | 24 September 2002

At the SuperX there are pro riders
in the demonstration events and local kids riding in the races.
When we first arrive there are bobcats all over the place,
they're still building the track.

It's exciting just watching the bobcats making the jumps and
waiting for the pro riders to come out and do their warm up laps.
There aren't any hot dogs left or pies by the time they start.
They ride around and around getting
higher and higher each time they go over a jump.

The pro riders how beautiful they look
up and down like dancers
or birds and
how beautiful they sounds their exhausts like a throat
and they smell good, hot small petrol engines
and the dirt they throw up
until it hangs in the air and then settles on all of us
sitting in the grandstand or on the grass.

When I get home it's a shock how dirty my face is
even though I stood well back from the track because
motor racing is dangerous, even for spectators.

The pro riders do tricks, they aren't there to race.
They take their feet off the footpegs and put them on the handlebars.
They do not fall.

In the breaks between races, two women wearing pink hotpants and
black t-shirts come out and throw merchandise into the crowd.
These women are the SuperX Hotties and they are
talking to one another as they walk around the dirt track
throwing caps, t-shirts and lollies into the crowd.

The local riders in the races crash all the time –
some get up and back onto their bikes and some
we see taken off the track while the paramedics walk over to have a look.
Time passes so slowly when you are waiting for an ambulance.

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