The Language of Flowers

By | 1 February 2020

The very glossy dark leaves of camellias
mean ‘boredom’

the papery bougainvillea
mean ‘turning out better than expected’

and the yellow and white frangipani flowers
mean ‘get it while you can’.

Some things
are strange, but not interesting.

Some biscuits
not ‘Niece’, only ‘Nice’.

Tonight the surf club is a dojang and people have gathered together
in their glamorous martial arts suits, sparring courteously.

Our laundry and the Parthenon
are both still standing, no thanks to the golden mean.

The dream you had that your bins moved in the night?
It’s coming true. Hear the rolling wheels on the guilty footpath?

There was something before and after.
Possum sits in the driveway.

Possum runs up a tree, but I can still see possum.
Possum doesn’t act too worried.

The bird is like the tree, the bird is like the flower
the wallaby’s fur is the colour of shadowed bark.

Been a predator? Prey? Know that likeness
means you’ll go hungry

unlikeness means
you’ll feel the snap of jaws.

Be a metaphor
or feel your own flesh rip.

Where’s Pop? He’s down the back. Oh.
Digging onion weed out of the lawn with a butter knife.

Onion weed means something’s really given Pop the shits.
In the morning, back to normal.

I’m writing happy middlings.
Endings can be downers, easy ways out, or revelations

but I’d like endings
to be estuaries, full of nests.

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