Speedy Syntax

By | 20 July 2009

the crescent curve of his back
when flame touches skin
stitching sinners
he peeled back the sheet and slid his hands

with the speedy syntax of channel surfing.
Recommended temperature should not exceed 42 degrees.
the time we got the hypertext working wed run out of blue
and cockroaches are the hieroglyphs of home.

This insect has a protective coating
China 12 touristing
surreal but you a suitcase. his grace stank. the tone like an
(all) together from other things

Chairman Hu, people of China, mission
carrying the bag
he will draw two knives, and one lettuce leaf
visitors will bring food and gifts

wealth flows backwards as well to
behind us in the kitchenette
and who, for all his troubles, failed
each line along his brow.

tree snake coiled itself like a stowed garden hose around
rectangular down pipes supplied with fitting instructions
coffee slurped smoke in-out the salt rising to the surface
flecks of leaf and breakfast smudges and wattle pollen

a time of mood plantations
a thought, unheld, to be forgotten
a lash, hardly at all. And Derrida's graffiti
the monk replied.

jingle & follow protocols after
your chaos-theory, the snickers wrapper
Bertolt Brecht noticed something similar
dusted on his writing desk

was forced to grow vegetables for soldiers
for the moulding in the starch
by a manufactured lake. It shimmers
there'll be no billy ocean

spilling over glistening stones,
all green thought flattery by this
gazing at the decor a glass too tall
of a stereoscopic image. There's no comparison.

written on your lips
in clay? Or scratching them in polished stone?
tell me
sorry, it's conclusive

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