By | 1 July 2009

in the yoga class, breathing Ardha Padmasana,
my rusted shoulders don't florally grace
half lotus

green thumbs agree Dan's brittle lemon tree can't resist
superannuants bracing the Wall Street crisis
and stiff winds

crossed legs unlatch reluctant joints I bend with classmates
downward facing dogs posed hard in fiscal

sunlight strikes the red hedge, bounces with the late breeze
fresh green backs bailing out American
mortgage debt

Zhai radios from the vastness of space, 'I am proud,
Chairman Hu, people of China, mission

the smell of new mown grass wafts, the village school bell rings,
a rooster crows far from my rhythmic breaths,
mind scudding

this ordinary life: cobra uncoiling is Kylie;
she meditates on mildew powdering
garden beans

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