Her ‘Lifestyle’ in the magazine for sale: a painting in collage for Salon des Refuses, France

By | 3 July 2009

girl called
Maybe to marinate China
into the rampant today of an open room. 'mojo'
and cockroaches are the hieroglyphs of home.

O observe
Features include superior one-piece moulded construction
It's not often I see you in front of me

stop traffic and families picnic
to being just a muttering

deflects reification
isn't chocolate at all-

Keep humming the latest toilet cleaner
Along the independent variable of time or narrative

Sri Lanka 29755 living
He'd idle behind,
there'll be no billy ocean

so he burned them in a bonfire at the end of the year,
I found them shrunk with the cold,
and vapour's glyphs are torn and tossed.

gathered from palaeochannels visible
The railway iron & they refused to cross, the gap of fear
bag. the stamp isn't one youd want or even read. cramps flower
seems a bourgeois grandeur

pronunciation and a pun: a popular bottle of fizz (light-reading). For the part
the secret drawer, so hefty
Sight has its own methodology. Hearing too.

and shot with liverspots like extra moons
Something with which to instrument his life on the unmasked pages of his room.

Wrath and keyboards
half lotus
at the bar- 'is repetition still itself?'

Words once were more than writing, were their own
like a valle d'aosta autostrada
the spaces between breaths.

Yet calling which way now Hansel

tell me
and say: Let me clean your glasses.

the novel on the cover of the Bonnard painting. thats a clock
Coffe slurped smoke in-out
with the Star of David
behind him. Immediately familiar,
steel frame mesh protective cover easy to assemble Includes adaptor 150cm tall
touch the walls with bare hands.

Note: This poem was made using the third line from each poem in the 'Custom' issue.

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