Building the world

By | 6 July 2009

you are bookbinder cartographer
historian: this body of work to be studied
and a ribbed surface to control heat release.
Your lover is a safe and natural way to keep warm
though it plays it straight, it is funny. He will pause and change to texta.
To represent the change he will draw a paragraph and a man in relief.
To signal the pause, he will
gaze of an unquestioning moon. No other documentation will be required.


about history. One cannot
beowulf a page with thin smears
you dont see every day. hypochondriac phlox. the lettuce freshened in the

structured vermouth. the bullet in my heart voided lostness loneliness. like a

half a line of wang wei translated

in its mind
in deepest nebbia. terminal shift
audio setting unavailable for
comment, the year turns a page –
to celebrate how ducks move and the big
noise they make! enjoining us to attend more closely
to pirate, treasure, flag and farm

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