Jacob Kobina Ayiah Mensah

Ayiah Mensah, a vegetarian, poet, artist, translator, journalist, teacher, now edits The Rough Sheet Tanka Journal and manages Kofi Edofo Gallery and Kukubenkuka, a bar of food of tanka. He lives in the southern part of Ghana.

Building the world

you are bookbinder cartographer historian: this body of work to be studied and a ribbed surface to control heat release. Your lover is a safe and natural way to keep warm though it plays it straight, it is funny. He …

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Her ‘Lifestyle’ in the magazine for sale: a painting in collage for Salon des Refuses, France

girl called Maybe to marinate China into the rampant today of an open room. 'mojo' and cockroaches are the hieroglyphs of home. O observe Features include superior one-piece moulded construction It's not often I see you in front of me …

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A Kiss

A Maoist is reading a map behind us in the kitchenette. Maybe to marinate China and tell us where we are from grocery stores to the cafe and name one mariachi music in this new composition I work. Our tongues …

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I hold the darkness this time before you so that you too can touch the walls with bare hands. I tear the papers into pieces for the moulding in the starch. You can see a faint candlelight in the wind …

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