Washing the Dishes with R.E.M.

By | 20 February 2008

A sense of haste
helps me slide across the floorboards,

stack the dishwasher, clear benches, return
salt, pepper and oil to their rightful places.

Nostalgia has its purposes; each song
a key to an other self I fall into,

or a full stop I am falling towards.
Listening to Radio Free Europe

is like standing in a lift as it falls through the floors,
except these are years; gone, yet haunting like debts.

The dishes never relent, they seem to multiply
like these feelings twanged by regret.

Some nights it's possible to put away the cutlery
with a two note melody keeping time in my head.

Some nights it's possible to be falling through time
weightless as an astronaut, ready to begin again.

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