Blood In The Kija Sand

By | 1 February 2019

If you were still alive today
And I could sit and talk with you
What would you tell me Great Nan?
Would you reveal something new?
There’s not much we know about you
Just that of your violent death
Was there blood in the Kija Sand?
As you took your dying breath
We would love to learn your story
To find out who you were
Not just “Maggie Full Blood”
As it was written, without a care
But day after day we hunger
And year after year we look
And search through worn out pages
And in every historical book
But if I could just sit and talk with you
Just a little, little while
Would you tell me your broken story?
And would I be angry and wild
I know some hearts would be mended
We have cried for so very long
To hear of your Kija story
The Country to which you belong
There’s blood in the Kija sand
It trickles through every grain
It’s the heart cry of our fallen
To a ghostly white skinned stain
It is a permanent reminder
Of a past full of blood and heat
And it is there as proof to all
That history should never repeat

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