Impossible Images or; a list of things i cant describe –

By | 1 August 2018

– Dribbling, overflowing soda water
– Clinking plates passed
– Fidgeting w/ a ring and/or tightly bound bracelet
– Peeling an apple (Ozu)
– Snapping green beans
– Dog-eared postcards
– Garlic stained fingers
– A kettle’s steam
– Wiping a whiteboard with a blackened fingertip
– A flicked lightswitch
– Emptied waterbottle
– Painted nails
– Clotheslines
– Slabs of concrete,
grains emulsified, paste-like
head full of it
buoyant and weighted
bruised, battered, chipped
swelling welts stuck
blistering and pendulum-like
toothpaste tubes
squeezed out
between a thought
butter wormed through the holes of a cracker
thinned to
the colour of a panic attack

The others will have to
Wait for an apt description
Wait ‘till I’m flayed raw
from an untied shoelace
unspooled fabrics

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