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1 July 2009

a (mostly) found poem 


Your lover has been made in Sri Lanka
and conforms to British Quality Standard BS1970.
Features include superior one-piece moulded construction
and a ribbed surface to control heat release.
Your lover is a safe and natural way to keep warm
or may be used for therapeutic purposes.

Instructions: Do not use boiling water.
Recommended temperature should not exceed 42 degrees.
Hold your lover by the neck in an upright position.
Do not fill using the domestic hot water system -
this can considerably shorten the life of your lover.

Do not place anything on top of your lover
including sharp or heavy objects.
Prevent contact with hot surfaces and naked flames
Do not use in microwave ovens.
Prevent contact with oil and grease.

Drain your lover completely.
Prevent exposure to sunlight.

Check for wear and damage at regular intervals.
Warning: Your lover can cause burns.
Avoid direct, prolonged contact with the skin.


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Geoff Lemon

About Geoff Lemon

Geoff Lemon is Poetry Editor of harvest magazine and convener of Melbourne’s monthly Wordplay readings. A six-time poetry slam winner, he’s played shows and festivals across Australia and supported musicians like TZU, True Live, Paris Wells and The Church’s Steve Kilbey. His poems and stories are published in Best Australian Stories, Blue Dog, HEAT, Island, and Going Down Swinging, and he also writes music journalism for MTV and Beat. His first book, Sunblind, was released in late 2008.

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