The Fear of Sunrise

By | 1 July 2009

My skin pores and lets you in like
Nails down a chalkboard.
It's not often I see you in front of me

I had three names picked out –
Trailer trash complimentary
This insect has a protective coating

Disturbing my alternate existence
Colliding conclusions, cheap motel moments
Venetian, vertical – screen your calls

Night solace solar systems
No longer light years away
Living on adjectives, not adverbs

The master of my ceremonies
A symphony of harmonies out of tune
I'm waiting for someone to count me in

Sometimes I lick the underside of
The welcome mat outside my front door
To get a taste of how the other half live

Yes I know I know I know but
Jack is no longer my name
All trades is not my place of residence

Late night talkback my companion
Seeking adulation in carefully constructed metaphors
A library of unwritten masterpieces in my mind

Guess that's why they call it – the morning

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