Michael Scully

Michael Scully has always had it in his blood. The grandson of highly respected poet and author John Dawes (aka Ken Scully) and other published family members, he thought it time to explore words and their relationships with his experiences, more in than out. He had an early inclination when he wrote a love poem without actually writing the word within. He most enjoys the moments when inspiration turns up unexpectedly for a chat.


The first day of her trial provided A crude representation Of a famous orator Coming in on the radar Every speech was moulded In the thin place between The word and the thing No other documentation was required The path …

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Not Just Yet

Identity Dazzling Heaving Devouring Warning Rock Oysters Scattered Dice On World's edge   Standing on my suitcase With stethoscope, searching for Unfinished words from my practised monologue   $5 in pocket left   A manufactured lake separates The lifestyle I …

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The Fear of Sunrise

My skin pores and lets you in like Nails down a chalkboard. It's not often I see you in front of me I had three names picked out – Trailer trash complimentary This insect has a protective coating Disturbing my …

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