Lee N Mylar: How to deal with something that doesn’t happen

By | 26 November 2005

the outline of the body burnt
into the wall proves force is
undeterred by any claim
the trigger of signatures
scratches in the background
the mind bows down to this
is your knowledge now regard
less of your wishes the body
of any citizen suspect woman
or child will betray the will or
drag its ideals through these
procedures into disappearance
how the smell buzzes around
the room these are the facts
you barely understand here the
outline of the body which
could be yours no is yours
the air tight no space for
answers but no we are not
like the animals are we in spite
of memory we'll all behave as if
you ought to just relax or forget
like these meticulous atrocities
you've brushed your tender eyes
against are mere anomalies and
shouldn't distract your flesh from
strategies to accommodate them
to ensure your portion of our
ever-expanding success

Lee N Mylar does not write poetry, fiction or libretti. Lee exceeds the constraints of the apolitical industry of literature, ironically, by submitting veiled revolutionary manifestos in the form of (cue hand-gestured quote marks) poems to the literary journals that get mentioned in The Age, then uses the rejection letters as rollie papers. Lee hates anagrams, and harms Satan age.

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