Small Talk With My Supervisor

By | 1 February 2021
Hey so I’m Victor and I’ll be working with you today.

Hey mate. Where are you from? Where are your parents from? Oh Sri Lanka, I’ve heard of that place. My son went last year on his holiday. Beautiful place.

I’ve never been to Sri Lanka.

Really? It seems like a beautiful place. My son has the most beautiful pictures on Facebook of him riding elephants, ethically of course, at dawn with their trunks wrapping around the sun. So you’ve never been?


Well have you been to the north of the island then? They’re still recovering from the war and the military checkpoints can be a bit ominous at first. But my son says there’s these beautiful abandoned beaches and waterfalls where it’s just you and the silence and the world. Have you been there?


Why haven’t you been yet?

Should I want to go to a place that doesn’t echo with the breath of boys like me
to a place where the white vans drove in the dark to disappear boys like me
to a place that has tried its best to forget the once-upon-a-time existence of boys like me?

My parents never took me, I don’t know why.

Oh, that’s a shame. You should go one day.

Yeah, I will. So what are we doing today?

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