that asian kid

By | 1 February 2021

that asian kid, shooting some jazz
hmm not bad, that asian kid, that black hair small eyes
yeah yeah not bad
that short fingers short figure short fuse short hair
hey hey who’s, who’s that asian kid
some girl
nah, isn’t that some boy
nah, cant you see those tits
nah that’s a boy for sure
hey isn’t that that asian jazz kid
I thought that kid liked pussy
nah I thought that kid liked cock
nah I just thought that kid liked gay
who cares, look, that kid is shooting some jazz now

the jazz shot through the window into the crying night into
cry houses sitting around crying mothers and children and
the fathers dont cry with tears
will the houses not melt with tears? will the rivers not crash
into tsunamis into storms of fists cracking against wooden
tables factured for carrying the weight of 12 years of red
crosses and ticks dictating rights and wrongs and breaking
the brain into the binary that syncs the computer?
the jazz shot through the eyes and the talking and the
laughing and the bullshitting of the people in the bar, shot
into the veins but didn’t pulse through the bloodstream, ran
a stream omnipresent screaming into the soul, ran it, ran
kid’s feet flying over pavements of China, ran to childhood,
kid crying in tears with tears, begging 妈妈3 not to go,
crying for 妈妈 to pick kid up at lunch, to go home, even
just for an hour, until 8 P.M., when the 8-year-old kids
would be released from their wooden desks factured for
carrying the weight of…red crosses and
ticks…dictating…the brain…
that jazz is roaring like the broken English and the halfway
career and the 7444 kilometres and
that jazz is roaring like the broken English and
that jazz is roaring until the black hair streaks in tear-lashes
to a naked white lashed lashed lashed by the night strung
together by the cigarette smoke damned by the cracked lips
that are gone
that asian kid’s jazz is roaring and screaming and wailing
and everything is dissolving into the cracked basin worn
out by tears and all the colours express themselves in one
pure tone of silence

1 jazz
2 androgyny
3 mum

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