By | 7 October 2021

Can spiders fall in love?
Does one look at the other
with an embarrassed secret glance?
Do they write poems in silk
and, with infatuated mind, run their lover’s name
across trees, across corners
so that love is hidden in every shadow?

Do they go ice-skating for their first date?
Is one more experienced than the other,
offering one leg for their date to hold onto
while their other legs trail and clatter around them in hired skates?

Do their pincers knock awkwardly in their first kiss?
Do they get lost in the aisles of forests looking for gifts?
Do they wonder what and when they should label each other?
Do they hide from their parents when they fall for someone?

And do they sometimes dream it’s just them spinning silk
in a dark world where not even the moon can voyeur
Or is it okay with spiders if everyone can see them be in love?

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