Signed, Ready for Duty in Reservoir

By | 7 October 2021

a tumbleweed rolls past us / under boom gate
/ over train tracks
i think — it belongs in brunswick
more than we do, today

i could reach across the gearstick,
tell you that tumbleweed…. is a diaspore
and a diaspore is anything that carries seeds to someplace else
but i’m trying to sound less like a diaspora poet
and your facts are better than mine

like when you say that vegan fish fingers don’t aim for fish flavours
just for…. fish-adjacent ones
lemon and seaweed, tartare sauce if you please
you call it ‘taste of the sea’ and my greasy tastebuds are fooled

i’ve been camping out in the paris end of insomnia
for a while now
i think the locals hate me …
… or maybe that’s the insomnia talking …

i got the welcome-to-the-neighbourhood pack:
melatonin, weighted blanket,
pass-agg post-it about screen time before bed
like insomnia is a nordic government
and i’m a big baby

and every night i’m doing battle,
fighting for my life under that blanket,
sleep paralysis demon perched on the nightstand
whispering…. “sheep aren’t real”

this feels like an activation phrase
taste of the…. government cover-up
but if i’m a sleeper agent
i’m a bit crap at it

doctor, doctor, i’ve dislocated my spirit
it popped right out of the socket
and the human flesh search engine
isn’t taking my calls anymore

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