Further than Jonah

By | 1 February 2021

Mostly I just thought it was a really funny character

my ears were the first to leave
heading off without packing anything
lobes tired of hanging on waiting
to hear something different
tired of listening to
the same old
same old

I think I’m pretty brave with putting myself out there and looking stupid and doing things that are potentially

My eyes saw my ears take off
saw how easy it could be
without a slight or doubt in sight
to not have to watch
over and over
the same old
same old

It’s kind of funny that there’s only certain races that it’s an issue

My hands grew tired of holding on
reaching out for tomorrow
nails bitten to the quick
by my anxious mind
palms furious
the same old
same old

I’ve already gone far enough with the blackface thing — I can’t go much further.

The last things to leave were my feet
my heart my mouth my wairua
stuck around keeping my brown skin
good company
it will take time for
the new old
new old

Chris Lilley quotes extracted from The Brownface Controversy Surrounding “Jonah From Tonga”
by Emily Orley, BuzzFeed News Reporter, updated August 21, 2020

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