Mickey Agonistes

By | 23 August 2004

you can dress up but you cant
hide. the peak & drift of anthems
is for alcoholics. a good runner just
            not a classy runner. on
the job the snot … runs out with the tide. no sob stories ~
            no … pain in the arse. divorce is for mugs sleep with
            me. about as soulful as paul weller pull the other.
            ink wells up as pens
            run out. whats that
got to do with simple minds & all. eighties
living in the eighties. regular haircut a clean
            shirt should be so lucky. its
            all war or peace innit. what
a heart doesnt know a mind wont get to
think about. pal you can line up for a nutjob count
            me missing. like a bit
of handcuff got the wrong man. pie &
sauce love leave it etc. used to watch the
king & i with me mum before some nice
            old dear ran her over running from
toerags. a smack mechanics all part of the job. some are
            stupid others can thank their lucky stars.
            god stand up for mates
with dicks for brains … sometimes youve got to try another angle.
            sayings seem like bullshit most
when they most apply to yourself. love on
one set of knuckles hard on the other. to be continued
            eh thats the tragedy everyone wants
            closure so they rip a bit more off each
            other. you can see a boy in a man or smell
            onion on a cooks hands. of
            course it was their amours

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