A disjoint, truncated tale of a war between war and peace, comprising diverse developments of sexual perversion and environmental military hardware, which culminates or concludes, rather more calumniatory than acclamatory, in a veritable orgy of elite tourism, boutique comestibles, property investment portfolios, and marketing sallies, all those grandiloquent techniques directed towards the incitation, inculcation, inflection and enhancement of primordial polymorphous psychophysical pleasures

By | 31 January 2013

No end if fits tail a swarm. Ra stops
to house heat, lines rap across IP loco,
torpedo, teargas. A ‘Parc de Nord’ spilled Om.
Reeled inset ibis eats — flee it nude!
Lite-sabre laser spots play about. Teats ahoy!
A piled table greens, and — oh! —
gnu gods appall, li-knack car crawl lams.
Gulfless time rats race to tase me.
If only diet is, eh, trap not esteemed is?
A sad ab sags unabed. Deer sleep tidal at rams.
Dora was onus, rime-top, otiose in tuna trauma.
I wondered ampered as a crone, dross imperial on my hand.
Spank car wrote of traps. I spark eros, ere sore star desire time.
Mo hetup error, retool, live! Ewe be wrong, obstinate egg of fire!
Ebb empire hand, ill ire ‘pon God.
Dab at pan, I saw one ill apsis stop.
Back, cape rot! Toll old Amos, spin.
Nips so mad. LOL. Lot tore pack cab.
Pots, Sis, pal lie. No was I. Nap.
Ta Bad Dog. No Peril Lid, na, he rip me.
Nab beer if fog. Gee. Tan its Bognor!
We be weevil. Loot, err, or repute home.
Mite rise drats eros, ere sore kraps is part.
Foe tor wrack naps. DNA hymn. O lair EP,
Miss Orden Orca, Sade Rep. Made red,
Now I am. U art a nut, Nie Soi, to pot emir sun.
O, saw a rod, smart a lad! It peels reed.
Deb anus gas bad as a side meet set on par.
The site, idyl? No! Fie mesa, tote car!
Star emits self. Lug. Small war crack can kill
Lapp, as do gung-ho DNA. Sneer.
Gelb at deli pay, oh Asta! Et tu, O bay?
Alp stop, resaler base tiled. Untie elf’s teas.
I bite, snide leer. Model lips droned
crap as a great ode. Protocol: piss, or cap arse.
Nil tea. He, sou-hot, spots arm,
raw Sali at stiff id neon.


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