scattered in colour

By | 7 October 2021

scattered as Marcus as he got swept
up in frigid Melbourne as drunk as
little Nathan buried in Mbembe at
A.N.U. spent as the dull complicity
in offices proved on poor green me
is how damn scattered we are.

‘cause scattered is how we flew here.
and wide as the friction that comes
as the fire rubbing up against sun
burnt country, as settled as our g’daze.
it’s no wonder as we wonder what the
stretch of funk up in here sounds like.

we’re about to lose our heads ‘cause
we disperse and sprawl through the
fire expanse of who we hold on and how
we go on and where we go and how we
get to where we need to sinking here on
some stunning burnt, burnt country.

I too often have the sense of falling up
into a sheet of stars. and if I share
with you where we’re going out of
the dark night as the way our questions
burnt through like that constellation
Steph painted on my heavy chest.

it’s like a black articulation, for real.
caught in the swell of afro punk
and our dispersals also groove as
our displacements slip from azonto to
dub to murmur of different tongues
as we are sprawling, we are sprawling.

on the greenest grass. as the bbq fires
mother earth flat where we are who we are
as blurred as Australian as can be, completely
caught in the swell as our nightly soars
shine this evening bright as Alessandro
leaps into the crowded air and scatters

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