Brian Obiri-Asare

Brian Obiri-Asare is a writer of Ghanaian descent based in central Australia. His work engages with the complexities and contradictions of a multi-racial society. Recently, he was awarded an ArtsNT Varuna Fellowship, was shortlisted for the 2020 Judith Wright Poetry Prize and received a meritorious mention in the 2021 Cloncurry Prize.

scattered in colour

scattered as Marcus as he got swept up in frigid Melbourne as drunk as little Nathan buried in Mbembe at A.N.U. spent as the dull complicity in offices proved on poor green me is how damn scattered we are. ‘cause …

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this dreamtime is colder than death

how can I forget? a frozen winter sunset when I was playing in the blow-up pool with mum and Kelisha said – there’s some guy here to take your baby away. then, out of breath. mum in tears – just …

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After the Earthquake

After the earthquake silence walks, detached and deranged, white as the white papers of NGO inspectors staring into opened shacks, accessing stunned survivors, noting reality into a logic of numbers and words, jolted, for sure, like endless valleys still shaking; …

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