Double Brick Dream

By | 7 October 2021

late september sunday afternoon
eucalyptus blossom
roast lamb in the air
I jimmy open the side gate
smothered with heraldic wattle

and passing through the sunlit
thick yellow
mottled in lorikeet and native hue
here comes the fledgling message bringer
sis’ sings

whole-hearted welcomes
niece in arm
swapping bub for apple crumble
she lands a kiss and nips
off for a well-deserved moment

I follow
the chubby-cheeked sovereign’s felicitous
footsteps across the yard path
and the colours of my day
are complete as I eye

nephews uniformed as proud pirates
constructing humpies from hard-rubbish
our black-yellow-reds flying
an insurgence of love

and before us with us
watching from the garden’s heartland
covered head-to-toe in mud
nightgown and full makeup on
grandma exudes a deep-time elegance

humming her sweet sundown music
amongst veggies
suspiciously strong
a ritual increase a flowering
synonymous with poetry

front and back this flash Gadigal
hill-top double brick dream home
so far from her stucco beginnings
where now in the twilight hours
of a tired nation

I invoke the old art
of making fire
and plot tender revolutions
with the future custodians
of our little grassroots empire

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