Thurs hunnurs a burds oan the roofs

By | 1 February 2015

here huw chouf wouf wee robin rid tit peejin breesty lovey dovey
ruffle yur feathers show me yur plume look it that Frank nut a look
nut a nut plod on then mouldy breed heed woop woop look it that
fingle foogle boogaloo that’s no even a crow that’s a dinosaur
thur’ll be teeth in that beak that’s fur sure ohh beady eye beady eye
get behind the gable she’s fae the social wit a life Frank wit a life
feedin oan scraps huntin fur crumbs bit listen tae this listen tae this
we’re no dodos we kin fly forget aboot the fields Frank look it the sky

‘Thurs hunnurs a burds oan the roofs’ was first published in Bevel (Carcanet Press, 2012)

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