By | 8 June 2020

Translated from Chinese by Henry Wei Leung.

pure spring gush · mirror heaven earth karmascape
life death since · no-name water
· no return no advance
great sea small raft · docking at the last life
farewell beneath a harbinger sky · smoke rising
ten-directioned offertory sea of samsara
all life holding forth · incense cloud · horizon-severed
animae et animi · roots coiling ten thousand miles
body of ash · interred in sea
from then on · eyes closed
walking on sky

生死以來 無名水
大海小舟 泊岸前生
陰陽天送別 煙起
萬物傾盡 香雲 天邊斷
千情萬意 根連萬里
一身灰燼 同葬大海
從此 閉目

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