By | 1 August 2015


Sometimes I feel as though
I am living half a life
A jigsaw puzzle I can’t
work out:
I am here,
I am there,
I am only half here.

I am half myself,
I am more than myself,
I am my worst self.

It goes on, it goes on,
I struggle, I get up,
I fall, I have all the pieces
But I just can’t seem
to put them together

I’ve lost something I need
I’ve lost something I never had
I’ve lost myself
I am losing.


I betray what I have promised
and before and afterwards I feel sick
but without it, I feel empty.

I turn myself inwards, try to find
what is missing, I spend a lot
of time alone. I don’t find
what I’m looking for, I don’t
find any answers.

Outside the wind howls but
the frost is leaving the garden.
In the wind, the leaves shiver.

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