Bronte to Bondi

By | 1 August 2015

Fur coat with long purple boots
black leggings and a peek of snake skin flesh
hair coiffed like a wig
a face that the wind had swept with sanded glass
stepped onto the bus in Bondi

Bondi rounded the corner from Bronte
a once challenging rockscape was now streetscape
inclusive of the must have fitness circuits
people jostled for space amongst the crowd
when paused to look at
sanded glass wind swept cliff faces
I was asked to snap a smart phone of two beautiful girls
out for a power walk

Jaded was the morning
with droplets of neurosis about yeah nah thinks
showered in rainforest steam and the smell of mandarins

Hash brown stacks atop of avocado fans
runny poached eggs and hollandaise
was eaten while perched on a cushion
looking out to sea

I’ve smiled my face off
ticking the bucket list of last opportunities
the muscles used to smile
releases the tension
of my grimace

all that at Bondi

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