BREAK ALL MY BONES / a water lily growing in my lung

By | 1 August 2015

after Mia Doi Todd

Tender all my love
Thrill to die again

Seep through my dreams
Wake to see the dawn

Drain all my hopes
Fly above abuse

Hoodwink passers-by
Passing is all we do

Shuffle the deck and cheat

See behind your eyes

Haul mist to the land
Whiteness—a bird in the hand

Dream death a shadow
Run behind the children

Reach across the garden
Green the waning tide

Death greets the wave
Haul my love inside

Slow all traffic to stall
Dreams now coalesce
Ha Ha in my happiness

Cut all my ties

Sew the threads anew

Leak all my mail
I want to leave a trail

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