Reihana Robinson

Reihana Robinson is a writer, environmental activist, and organic farmer living on the Coromandel in Aotearoa/New Zealand. Her work is published in the USA, the Pacific and Asia. Auckland University Press published a collection of her work in AUP New Poets 3 2008 and her first solo volume, Aue Rona, was published by Steele Roberts in 2012.

The Day We Bury

How did I lose my husband? I enter the living room where my mother is breathing as if it is the only thing she can do and without warning a neutered wand of evil shoots (inchoate bale of one bonded …

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Getting Old

You make a sound as if to say—Land Ahoy A cabin boy claiming first sight A ship nearing the oh so distant shore Magpie rattle in the shushing pines Then the trill of laughing warblers Thin bones with all the …

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BREAK ALL MY BONES / a water lily growing in my lung

after Mia Doi Todd Tender all my love Thrill to die again Seep through my dreams Wake to see the dawn Drain all my hopes Fly above abuse Hoodwink passers-by Passing is all we do Shuffle the deck and cheat

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