When We Went to Brisbane

By | 1 August 2015

When we went to Brisbane
I looked for you
in the streets and shops
I looked for you
on the buses and trains
I looked for you
by the river and beach
I looked for you

But I couldn’t find you
not in the shops
or on the streets
or buses or trains
or by the river
or by the sea

Although I did think I saw you
down at Streets Beach
I wasn’t for certain though
and I hoped I hadn’t
coz whoever I saw
was stealing something
and I didn’t want you
to be the culprit

I wanted to see you
in all your glory
a proud representative
of all your people
Whatever your tribe
Whatever your language
Wherever your homeland

But I guess we were mainly
in tourist areas
and you wouldn’t do those
unless you were running them
but nowhere even
a name or a sign
or something that told us
that this is indigenous

Perhaps we needed
to head to the territories
like those being threatened
by your Governments
Which makes me think
if that goes ahead
where will you be
if not on your lands?

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