Timothy Yu

Timothy Yu is the author of two chapbooks, 15 Chinese Silences (Tinfish) and Journey to the West (Barrow Street), winner of the Vincent Chin Chapbook Prize from Kundiman. His scholarly book, Race and the Avant-Garde: Experimental and Asian American Poetry since 1965 (Stanford University Press), won the Book Award in Literary Studies from the Association for Asian American Studies. Other selections from his ongoing project, 100 Chinese Silences, have appeared or are forthcoming in SHAMPOO, Mantis, Kartika Review and Lantern Review. He is an associate professor of English and Asian American Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Chinese Silence No. 40

After Hayden Carruth, “Of Distress Being Humiliated by the Classical Chinese Poets” Hey mister, can you tell me where to get a good mock duck in Syracuse–you know, the kind consumed by Chinese vegetarians Willing to make a great display …

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Chinese Silence No. 80

I said I would only teach the people that I truly, truly love. Unfortunately, none of those happen to be Chinese, or women. –David Gilmour I can’t really give you the tour. I’ve just moved, it’s a mess, and I …

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Timothy Yu Reviews Contemporary Asian Australian Poets

A decade ago, Cordite Poetry Review asked me to write a review of its tenth issue, ‘Location: Asia-Australia.’ In my review, I wrote that while the issue did a splendid job of showing the intersection between two separate places called ‘Asia’ and ‘Australia,’ it was less clear whether the ‘Asian-Australian’ could also be a thing unto itself, a kind of writing that might be visible within domestic as well as international spaces.

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Three Chinese Silences

Chinese Silence No. 22 after Billy Collins, ‘Monday’ The Italians are making their pasta, the French are making things French, and the Chinese cultivate their silence. They cultivate silence in every Chinatown on the persimmon of earth– mute below the …

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