Sonny Rae Tempest

Sonny Rae Tempest is a poet who composes in a variety of media, mostly digital (generative and procedural), who is also an IT guy, who is also a full Digressor at UnderAcademy College, who is also a father of many, who lives at

Shy nag (a code opera): ACT II

The resultant text became English via Google Translate, and was subsequently processed and filtered through Word spell-check. Since the code is lengthy, over fifty pages, the output was large.

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Picture Becomes Text, Becomes Writing: Software as Interlocutor

What is required in any type of spell-check writing is an input text, which can be anything prepared in a language a word processing program (e.g., Microsoft Word) understands. Though many approaches are possible, generally speaking an author proceeds by removing from the input text anything that is not an alphabetic character, including spaces, so as to have a block of letters to work with.

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