신해욱 (Shin Hae-uk)

Shin Hae-uk has been publishing since 1998, including the poetry collections 간결한 배치 [Precise Arrangement], 생물성 [Biologicity], syzygy, and 무족영원 [Caeciliendless], the essay collections 비성년 열전 [Lives of the Unadults], and 1인용 책 [Book for Just One], the novel 해몽전파사 [The Oneiroelectrical Shop], and 창밖을 본다 [Looking Out the Window], a hybrid work of essay and fiction. She won Korea’s Authors’ Choice Emerging Poet Award in 2010 and received the 8th Kim Hyun Literary Prize in 2022.

The Edge of Nature and Death from Natural Causes

The sowing is over. In someone’s garden. In someone’s furrow. Someone holding a hoe. Someone’s kidney. Someone’s blood cell. Plod ploddingly. Why did you come? To someone’s land. Humming any song. Chinese lantern plants and intestines. Eggs and corneas. Gallbladders …

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The experience centre was big. A warehouse. We swept the dust. We looked through the inventory. What should we do? Try to climb up someone’s Jangdokdae (sauce pot platform), take a sip of someone’s fresh water, and get drunk on …

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An Encounter

A plastic bag we never saw before flew. It was high in the air. Is it a new kind? One muttered through an excited expression. It’s pure white. It must have never got mixed up. Never got dropped on the …

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축, 생일 (Happy Birthday)

이목구비는 대부분의 시간을 제멋대로 존재하다가 오늘은 나를 위해 제자리로 돌아온다. 그렇지만 나는 정돈하는 법을 배운 적이 없다. 나는 내가 되어가고 나는 나를 좋아하고 싶어지지만 이런 어색한 시간은 도대체 어디서 오는 것일까. 나는 점점 갓 지은 밥 냄새에 미쳐간다. 내 삶은 …

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끝나지 않는 것에 대한 생각 (Thinking of an Unending Thing)

누군가의 꿈속에서 나는 매일 죽는다 나는 따뜻한 물에 녹고 있는 얼음의 공포 물고기 알처럼 섬세하게 움직이는 이야기 나는 내가 사랑하는 것들을 하나하나 열거하지 못한다 몇 번씩 얼굴을 바꾸며 내가 속한 시간과 나를 벗어난 시간을 생각한다 누군가의 꿈을 대신 꾸며 누군가의 …

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