Ross Gibson

Ross Gibson is Centenary Professor of Creative & Cultural Research at the University of Canberra. Recent works include Stone Grown Cold (Cordite Books), Changescapes (UWAP), Memoryscopes (UWAP) and the film The Farmer's Cinematheque (with Malcolm McKinnon).

Holding Pattern

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It Is Happening Again

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1967. Bombs Rain Down on Torrey Canyon

Blustery springtime month of March. Supertanker Number 1.  Commercial Vessel Torrey Canyon.  Titanic proud with bulk unmatched.  Liberian in its livery. The Captain, bonus-parched and scared of crew, shortcuts through to Northern Wales. Metallic belly-hull of Torrey Canyon grinds eleven days on Pollard …

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Scott Walker Song

Kids dump old bikes in the Takasegawa Canal. Rust talks with water. Water takes fright. Glum eastern mountains start to weep without stint. Bikes seep to zero going elsewhere from ore. Cold in the high streams can’t remain a keen …

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Ross Gibson and Garry Pumfrey: Small to Medium Enterprise

Who gets so much up in arms, he nearly shits straight on her foot. Now it’s him that’s got a hard-on and is fully hot to trot.

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Ross Gibson’s Blustertown

FilmThe town’s biggest fools are those who come from elsewhere and fall in love with it when they’re young. As a rule, these fools fall hard, beyond reason and recovery. I know because I fell that way. As you do when you’re twenty.

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