Rob Wilson

Rob Wilson is a scholar and poet from Connecticut and the Pacific Rim. He now works in Santa Cruz, California — writing on the edges of all this transpacific beatitude and 'busy being reborn.' A Chinese translation of his serial poem When the Nikita Moon Rose recently appeared in Malaysia and a set of Hawai’i-based poems appeared in Jack London Is Dead edited for Tinfish by Susan Schultz.

Rob Wilson Reviews Best Australian Poems 2015

Australian poetry, and indeed poetry in Australia, always seems to be undergoing something of a personality crisis. From the bush ballad to Angry Penguins and beyond, Australians have a knack for producing poetry, and a unique language from which to create it, but it’s a cottage industry. Even ‘industry’ seems too strong a term for what Australian poetry produces, though we have (and have had) no shortage of skilled writers working at various levels of poesy and doing remarkable things.

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Greater Kaohsiung Jaywalking Poem

Everyone’s pinking about us– Les Enfants, military-joke movies, New Taiwan Flavors become a must Blue Way jeans, yellow movies, savoring water trades of summer Fahrenheit Boy Band, blue jokes, the promenading dharma-bummer I am speeding truck drivers gone manic by …

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I Was a Teenage Gertrude Stein

One day soon the videoshop will be full of movies you've never seen hide nor hair of the wilde beast with shakespeare stuck in his paw. Bastard in a ramshackle shed. All the characters will buy copies of the same …

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