Pushpa Choden Thomas Lepcha

Pushpa Choden Thomas Lepcha is an Assistant Professor, Department of Lepcha, Sikkim Government College. She is the author of Lepcha Book on Literary Theory, editor of the Lepcha English Bi-lingual Journal, Sakchum Aal, and a Lepcha Literary Magazine, Pomik Potong. Her articles have appeared in various literary magazines, journals and books.

Water Song

Translated from the English to the Lepcha by Pushpa Thomas J:&cWc, wcAi_&, wc]fR, dnaWc KaKcPh ]whKa. wc]HgAc dZa D>cPh ]QhcW[&Vi:* V*hWc AIc]V*c D[afH>Pc. dQ[]C%h oaMc – k ]VgPgfL>Ki_& – AcUhkc wcQhkc wcdI:aPh dQ[]C%h, U<gJi<A>aAc dQ[]C%h cwVi wcPi[cKAc fR:fL>, cwVikc ]fL]dKaAc …

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Translated from the English original to the Lepcha by Pushpa Choden Thomas Lepcha Triangulating the contours It might escape attention Amongst high passes And crashing glaciers Mule trains to Tibet are over Only soldiers frequent the windswept houses Seeking forbidden …

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