Prakash Subedi

Prakash Subedi is a lecturer in English at Dillibazar Campus, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal. His publications include two books of poetry, Stars and Fireflies, 2009, and Six Strings, 2011, and two case books on Ibsen, Ibsen: Beyond Time and Space, 2006, and Ibsen: Prayog ra Sandharbha, 2009. His poems, essays, critical writings, translations and reviews have been published in journals and magazines in Nepal and abroad. He has worked with organisations including Society of Nepali Writers in English, Literary Association of Nepal, Devkota Studies and Research Centre and Asian Centre for Humanities, and has served as an editor to journals Of Nepalese Clay, Literary Studies and Devkota Studies. He has also worked as a writer, translator and editor for Kathmandu based Nepali theatres including Gurukul Theatre and Theatre Village. His areas of interest include South Asian literature and culture, Nepalese literature and aesthetics, translation, Buddhist studies, theatre and poetry.

Ancient Man | पुरानो मानिस

Translated from the Nepali to the English by Prakash Subedi One needs the newest thing to kill the most ancient man on earth What thing of that kind do you have left? An amended democracy? A republic? Sophisticated guns tanks, …

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कार्डबोर्ड कारावास | Cardboard Incarceration

Translated from the English to the Nepali by Prakash Subedi अभिलेख भनिने यो कार्डबोर्डको जेल चिसो, हावाविहीन, र मृत्युजस्तै निस्तब्ध छ । भुइँदेखि छतसम्म चाङ् लगाइएका बाकसभित्र सुनिन छाडिसके पनि भित्रभित्रै आर्तनाद गरिरहेका आवाजहरू छन् अनि छन् अरूका एक-एक अंश …

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