Mark O'Flynn

Mark O'Flynn has published three collections of poetry, most recently 'What Can Be Proven' in 2007. He has also published two novels and a play. His poems have been published in a wide range of journals and magazines. A third novel is forthcoming from Harper Collins.

Iodine Songbirds

                 [veracity confronts us                  ravens warning awe awe – Forrest Gander]   The cataract of your voice thick as a gaoler’s curse of a dragonfly has a lot to live up to over a pond full of electric frogs thunder is …

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Blue Light

‘When I was in Hong Kong,’ recounts Mr. N, (547113), ‘I stopped at a red light in Kowloon Tong. It was about three or four in the morning. Neon sky. Stars of office windows. I was a gangster then. After …

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Omar O’Malley: Morphology – 301

[after James McAuley’s ‘Pieta’] A yearly agoance youing camed Earlyish intoing the lightness You undied a dayity and nightie Thenly lived no-oncer to blamity Oncer onlyness, wither untwo-handed Your nonfather inner farewelldom. Toucheding youse Iness cannotted teller Iness cannotted understandulate …

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You wax my back and I’ll wax yours. An itch in thine saves mine. As the twig is split so the toothpick’s kindling. A rolling cupboard gathers no moths. Don’t cook all your eggs in one biscuit. Let not the …

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There is a species of zombie that sits on its haunches all day peeling tubers with its teeth. It spends time over questions such as where its next square meal might come from, swatting any stray insect that comes along. …

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A coal tumbles like a smoking comet onto the carpet of the lounge of the Alexandra Hotel. Patrons, numb to the perfume of coal smoke, oblivious to embers creeping across shag, continue eating. The chitchat is of meteor storms and …

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