Iodine Songbirds

By | 1 December 2011

                 [veracity confronts us
                 ravens warning awe awe
– Forrest Gander]


The cataract of your voice
thick as a gaoler’s curse
of a dragonfly has a lot to live up to
over a pond full of electric frogs
thunder is there for the stealing
motel is where the heart is
murmur to the candle?
the modals of could, should, must
the sky recommences
iodine blue bags
theatre in the round
cowpats of the urban architect
for thine is the condom
sing again for me
the last bells
the faint pulse
stumbles at my ear’s door
the muffled hum
embraced life like a dynamo
the isobars make for strange times
how to market it?
what endearment does the moth
I like your wax
give me amex erotica
ambition of tadpoles in an elephant’s footprint
empty eggshell auditorium
farmer stuck in a peak hour of chickens
the translation’s ecosystem
forty winks will see the situation
as though you never had
of the nightbird’s hymn
of the last satellite

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