Miro Sandev

Miro Sandev is a poet and critic based in Sydney. His poems have been published (or forthcoming) in literary journals and anthologies including: Meanjin, Cordite, Westerly, Rabbit, Snorkel, Otoliths, Australian Poetry Anthology, Australian Speculative Poetry Anthology, Regime, Meniscus, Hypallage, Tincture and The Red Room Company. His essays have appeared in Arena Magazine and New Matilda. He is a theatre critic for Arts Hub.

Sophia Sestina

the Athena school, despite clearly sounding Greek is a scientology seminary for kids in Newtown near the Carlisle Castle, just off King street, nestled in between antiques and pretentious home wares boutiques; I wonder do they teach translation or anything …

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Feature Poem with Judith Beveridge: a poem is not a meme

Miro Sandev’s poem ‘poetry is not a meme’ is an ironic take on poetry’s refusal to be subsumed by technological culture. In the octave of the sonnet, the poet uses web jargon and terminology in intelligent and witty ways, effectively …

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