Miro Sandev

Miro Sandev is a writer and activist working in Sydney. His work has appeared in a range of publications including Meanjin, Cordite, Rabbit, Overland, Otoliths, Westerly, Snorkel, Red Room Poetry and others. It has been shortlisted for the Overland Fair Australia Prize and was included in the anthology Stars Like Sand: Australian Speculative Poetry.

Security camera roosting

(after Ted Hughes) I sit under the eaves of buildings, my eyes open. no falsifying dream between my straight tail and straight brain. no sleep to delay me, I rewind the day’s play and zero in on the city’s fringe-dwellers. …

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Sophia Sestina

the Athena school, despite clearly sounding Greek is a scientology seminary for kids in Newtown near the Carlisle Castle, just off King street, nestled in between antiques and pretentious home wares boutiques; I wonder do they teach translation or anything …

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Feature Poem with Judith Beveridge: a poem is not a meme

Miro Sandev’s poem ‘poetry is not a meme’ is an ironic take on poetry’s refusal to be subsumed by technological culture. In the octave of the sonnet, the poet uses web jargon and terminology in intelligent and witty ways, effectively …

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